Versus - Musically Inclined

Are you looking for a fresh way to enjoy music?

Meet Versus – a virtual space where all your platforms merge to give you the ultimate, personal, digitally-created experience just for YOU!

Versus - Your Musical Pal.

What Is Versus?

Versus is a revolutionary App that conveniently consolidates your favorite songs, artists and playlists from multiple music service accounts. Versus is the streamlined App that music-listeners have been waiting for. It eliminates the hassle of maintaining multiple subscriptions and switching between various services to find the best beats. Simplify your music exploration and increase your listening pleasure - Versus.


If you love your music you’ve come to the right place.

Versus - Designed

For True Music Lovers

How it Works

The Versus app is easy-to-use!

  • Establish an account: Create your profile with a username, Email and password.

  • Sign-in to start curating your personal playlist.

  • Import (copy) your playlist URL from Spotify or YouTube Music and start Jamming!

  • Enjoy listening to your favorite songs.


Upload, organize, listen! Enjoy all your favorite music on a single App – Versus!

Streamlined Experience

Create a unique Versus library combining multiple streaming services and your favorite songs into one platform – Versus.

User Customization

Easily import playlists and fresh songs uniting your chosen artists and beats, into an easily managed, personally-curated Versus library.

Pay less, listen more

Subscribing to multiple music services can be costly. The Versus App allows users to access content from various platforms to pay less and listen more! Save money by reducing the number of monthly subscriptions.

Single App to listen to music

Users create a playlist on Versus to make it easier to organize and listen to their favorite music from other music Apps.


Consolidating music from different sources will introduce users to new genres, artists and songs waiting to be discovered.

Convenient Updates

Simplify the process of discovering new music and receive all platform updates and recommendations in one place.

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